Things are changing with SCC, read all about it!


We can’t control the wind, but we can adjust the sails. Things are changing with SCC. As with other iterations of the band, the current line-up is in flux and I’d like to take a minute to explain what’s happening and what you can expect in the near term.

After five years, 100 + shows, three trips up and down the east coast, one to the mid west and countless nights at Galway Bay and The Box, James is shifting his focus from nightclubs to classrooms. James is finishing up his associates degree this spring and will be continuing his education this fall. Given his busy school schedule, James will have less time to dedicate to the band.

I’ve been asked “Is James is quitting SCC?”. The answer is no. James is focusing on different parts of his life right now and that means he won’t be playing as many shows. I’ve also been asked “will you find another drummer?” The answer is, not right now. Right now, we’re figuring out where the band will go next.

Erik, Michael, Erica and James – these are the people I hope to grow old playing music with. The shanties are the songs I hope to be playing with them. I’ve felt this way for a while now and with James taking this break, I feel it more strongly than ever that we’ll all be around for a sing-along, just sometimes we may not be singing along at the same time. We are lucky enough to be playing a few more shows with James this summer on the Schooner Quinnipiack in New Haven before he starts getting wicked smaht this fall.

As for SCC, we’re adjusting. We’ve done a number of acoustic shows so far this year and it’s been really fun at times and really uncomfortable at times. Uncomfortable for us and maybe uncomfortable for you too. As humans we are uncomfortable when things change, as Rhode Islanders it’s practically unbearable. Don’t believe me? Take a left where the Almacs used to be. The nice thing about change is what comes of it. If SCC never changed, I would have never had the opportunity to play music with James and I’d still be doing the open mic at The Custom House Tavern, which is weird because The Custom House has been closed for a lot of years now.

We will be taking the next month or so to chart the course for what’s next for SCC (pun totally intended). Until then, please join us in thanking James for all his massive, arena rock drum fill endings and wishing him well on his road ahead.

Upcoming Shows:
- Sat May 19 New Haven CT - The Schooner Quinnipiack
- Sat Jun 16 New Haven CT - The Schooner Quinnipiack
- Sat Jul 21 New Haven CT - The Schooner Quinnipiack
- Wed July 25 Providence RI – House show w/ Jason Kutchma of Red Collar
- Sat Aug 11 New Haven CT - The Schooner Quinnipiack
- Sat Sep 15 New Haven CT - The Schooner Quinnipiack
- Sept 22 Portsmouth NH – Prescott Park
- Sept 29 New Bedford MA – Working Waterfront Festival

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