T-Shirt Tuesday # 7 – SNFU

For over 2 decades I have been moving band t-shirts from apartment to apartment, and now to the basement of my house. I’ve said for years that I want to make a punk rock quilt out of them. What’s more punk than a quilt? I don’t know how to quilt, so until I learn I will be posting pix of these vintage gems and remembering when. I will call this series T-Shirt Tuesday.

SNFU put on one of the greatest live shows I have ever seen. They had hand puppets and back flips and a bass slung so low it practically scrapped the stage. This shirt is from the FYULABA tour, probably 1997ish.

Can we talk about live shows for a minute? When’s the last time you were floored by a bands live performance? I ask this because I see a fair amount of live shows and more often than not the musicians seem miserable, sometimes I wonder if they would rather be anywhere else but playing music at that moment.

Not the case with SNFU, these guys have a blast when they play and I think we should all take a page from Mr. Chi Pig’s book and loosen up. It’s ok to smile when you’re doing EXACTLY what you want to be doing.

This Thursday, we play at Club Hell with a band that plays with some energy, be sure to check out Larry and his Flask….


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